Carmona de Ville trained with B93 (Boldkluggen 1893) (Danish National 2nd Division, sub 17) in Copenhagen, Denmark on Feb 4th and Feb 5th, 2013. After 3 training sessions, Head Coach & B93 Director Kristian Rasmussen said:

¨Juanjo seemed to be a technically gifted player with a good first touch on the ball. When we played on a full pitch he was good at finding open spaces and quickly became the natural link in the midfield. Furthermore he was good at listening and trying to learn the things that I told him.¨

Coach Rasmussen proposed Carmona two options:

(1) A spot on his B93 team or

(2) A referral to Top Danish U17 National Division, HB Køge.

It was a hard decission to be made as B93 has a superb U17 team and technical staff. Club, teammates and staff were a great fit for Carmona de Ville. However, Carmona decides to tryout for  Top National Division team: HB Køge. (A couple of weeks later, on Feb 18th, Carmona de Ville gets a spot in the HB Køge team!)

foto en b93

Carmona in a mini-field training session with BoldKluggen 1893, in Copenhagen, Feb 2013


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