Quick Facts

Name Juanjo Carmona de Ville
Date of Birth  25 Abril 1996
Current Age Group  U21 / College (2 years of eligibility left)
Nationality  Spain & USA
Height 182 cm / 6’00” feet
Weight  73 kg /  161 pounds
Foot Both
Teams Current Teams: Yavapai College and Chicago Fire U23 (USL PDL)

Previous Teams: Chicago Fire U19, FC Nova U18,  HB Køge (U17 National Danish League, Top Division, Denmark), Danok Bat U16 (Athletic Club de Bilbao’s seed team, Spain), Centennial High School (ID, USA), Olympic State Team (ID, USA), Real Boise CF (USA).

More details on Playing History:


Top International Teams Juanjo played for or which made offers to him.

Skills All-round player; very safe and decisive player. Control, dribbling, passing, vision, decision making, technical execution, finishing, elegance, creativity, improvisation, leadership. Very low percentage of lost balls; creates great space and goal scoring opportunities.

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Position Versatile player who in general plays as a center mid but given his advanced technical, tactical and physical qualities can play in any field position.
Honors  Honors


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