For 6 months Juanjo lived at the HB Køge Academy (Køge is a city to the south of Copenhagen), and trained with the HB Køge U17 team.
In HB Køge we experienced Juanjo as a very clever player with good technique and good vision and understanding of the game.
He has a calm way of playing with the ball, and he likes being in the center of the field directing play.
Juanjo was very disciplined with his development both on and off the field and he was always well prepared.  
Personally, Juanjo is a very nice and calm person with good social skills.
We thank Juanjo for his time in HB Køge and wishes Juanjo all the best in the future!
         Carit Falch
          A+ træner & Talentchef
          Mobil: + 45 20606650
          Fax: + 45 56275545


Carit Falch was Carmona de Ville’s Head Coach in HB Koge, Denmark, 2013 (National U17 Top Division)

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