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To whom it may concern:

During my time as the Head Coach for FC Nova Under-18, I had the pleasure of coaching JUANJO CARMONA-DE VILLE. A skillful red-headed player with technical skills that only very few footballers have now a days in the United States.

During training, he is the hardest working player, fighting for every ball, always putting in the extra effort. His touch is that of top class level, play him a ball from 50 yards out and he will control it so smooth, it will make you wonder if he has special shoes on. When on the ball, Juanjo has incredible dribbling skills, rarely losing the ball and completing +85% of his passes.

In games, when a result is needed, you will see him score spectacular goals. He is able to finish from short-to-long range, Penalties, and has knack for Free-Kicks. However, Juanjo’s biggest qualities are his Vision and Killer Pass. No matter the distance, not even a small gap between defenders, Juanjo always finds a way to play that killer pass to a teammate.

Juanjo is a natural born leader with great character. A great teammate to have and a great player to coach. He can play the #10 or #8 position, has the ability to score gorgeous goals and get wonderful assists, and can dazzle you with his dribbling. If I had to compare him to a professional player, it would be Cesc Fabregas. If this a type of player you want, Juanjo will be the right fit for your club.

Dini Hamzdic - NY Red Bulls Youth Academy

Dino Hamzic

New York Red Bulls

Youth Academy Coach


Cell: 208-890-9741


Red Bull Arena, 600 Cape May Street, Harrison, NJ 07029




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