To Whom It May Concern:

This letter of recommendation is written on behalf of Juanjo Carmona-deVille.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Juanjo grow and play soccer in his local club, Idaho ODP, and high school competition for the past five years.  As a coach, I have also had the opportunity on several occasions to train Juanjo.  After so many years, and different situations, I can confidently recommend Juanjo’s inclusion in the Fiorentina system.

Juanjo is a very technically skilled player.  I especially appreciate his soft touch and receiving skills.  Juanjo has the ability to shield the ball during moments of high pressure.  Juanjo is not the stereotypical American player that relies mainly on speed and power.  He plays a more European-style geared towards the use of his technical abilities.  Juanjo is an excellent central midfield player whose versatility makes him capable to play other positions as well.  In his preferred midfield position Juanjo is adept at maintaining possession and controlling the pace of the game.  His tactical acuity and vision on the field is better than most players his age.  He is excellent at taking on players 1v1 and beating them.  Nonetheless, Juanjo is still unselfish in his distribution and in creating goal scoring opportunities for his teammates.  In front of the goal, Juanjo is a technically capable finisher.

Juanjo is a good physical presence with excellent athleticism.  I have witnessed him working on special drills over the years to further increase his speed and quickness.  Psychologically Juanjo is the type of committed athlete that will be an asset to any club team.  He puts in the hard work and maximum effort both in training and games that is needed to be successful.  Juanjo is aware of the mental challenges of the game at the highest levels and participates in techniques and strategies to his advantage.  His calm, quiet demeanor and composure under pressure is constant and allows him to make good decisions both on and off the pitch.

In conclusion, I recommend Juanjo in every aspect as a player for your soccer club.


Melinda Bodine-Stevens
Real Boise, CF
US Soccer C License
9951 W. Caraway Ct.
Boise, Idaho 83704
208-724-6158 Cell

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