November 16, 2012

Brian Gillenwater

Varsity Soccer Coach

Centennial High School

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Brian Gillenwater, and I had the privilege of coaching Juanjo Carmona de Ville for the Fall 2012 high school soccer season. I have found Juanjo to be an influential team captain, and an effective central midfield player.

Juanjo was selected as team captain a week into the season. Even though he has a standoffish nature, he was and obvious choice for team captain for the way that the other players look up to him for his skill and maturity on the field. He lived up to the responsibilities placed upon him by being emotionally strong in the face of adversity. Juanjo also played a strong role by helping his team accept all the changes in coaching personnel, team expectations, and playing styles. He was a major factor for our successful season.

As a central midfielder, Juanjo has the ability to hold/shield the ball in moments of high pressure, great vision in distributing the ball, and the ability to take players on 1v1. Our team played with 4-3-3 tactics. The reason we were able to play with 3 midfielders was because of the high level of individual skill that our central midfielders possessed – Juanjo being the most skilled among them. He has the vision and understanding to find the weak points in the opposing teams, the ability to hold the ball, and patience to create goal scoring opportunities.

For the 2012 Centennial Soccer Team, Juanjo was an anchor. He played strong and he kept his team competitive and challenged. Juanjo is an exemplary player. There was not one moment when Juanjo “lost control” or gave up. I would recommend Juanjo to any coach or team that plays skill based soccer.

Thank you for your consideration,

Brian Gillenwater

NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

NSCAA Regional Goal Keeping Diploma

3033 N. Gretchen Way

Boise, ID 83713

(208) 871-8043

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