December, 16 2012

Kasey Laffoon

Real Boise CF U17 Boys Head Coach

To Whom it may concern,

In regards to Juanjo Carmona de Ville, it is my personal opinion he would be a decision you would not regret. Juanjo is the player I would start a team around if I was starting a high school team. If I had to compare him to a player it would be the great Zidane. Juanjo controls the midfield. When the ball is at his feet, anything is possible.

I remember the first time I saw him play. He caught my eye with his soft touch, you couldn’t hear a sound when the ball hit his foot. Regardless of the distance the ball travel. Everything was set down right where he wanted it, without a sound.

Other coaches in America want to see speed and physicality, Juanjo offers calmness, awareness, and soccer knowledge. I have not seen a player at his age with the calmness that he possesses. I have watched some star players from Bilbao, Spain and Juanjo is more impressive in these categories than they are. No matter the situation his nerves never waiver. If it was a last second PK, free kick, or the last build up of the game; I would want the ball at his feet. He can create or finish. Whatever the situation he knows what to do.

He is a very unselfish player. He will give up the chance to place the game winner from distance if he has the opportunity to play a teammate in a better position. There is no ego to Juanjo. Does he have flaws? Yes, however what youth player doesn’t? The flaws in Juanjo’s game do not take away from his breath taking ability.

If you pass on Juanjo it would be one of the worst decisions you have ever made. He has the ability to be a corner stone in any club worldwide for years to come.

Kasey Laffoon

USSF National “D” License

(360) 606-8338

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